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Why Are Colombians Protesting?

Demonstrations have filled the streets of major cities for a month — and at least 46 people have died, some in clashes with the police. Here’s what you need to know about the protests. By Julie Turkewitz Published May 18, 2021Updated May 29, 2021   BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Protests have rocked Colombia for a month, and thousands of people continue to pour into the streets of its major cities, with demonstrators blocking major roads and the police responding at times with lethal force. At least 46 people, many of them protesters, have died. On Friday, President Iván Duque said...

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Colombia’s Police Force, Built for War, Finds a New One

Police spent decades fighting left-wing guerrillas and paramilitaries. Now, they’re cracking down on protesters, and igniting a wider demonstration movement in response. By Julie Turkewitz and Sofía VillamilPhotographs by Federico Rios May 12, 2021 BOGOTÁ, Colombia — In Colombia’s decades-long conflict with violent rebel groups, the country’s national police often fought on the front lines, wielding tanks and helicopters as they battled guerrilla fighters and destroyed drug labs. It was a force built for war, and now it has found a new one — on the streets of Colombia’s cities, where the...

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